Adaj Perry was Born in Rock Hill South Carolina. Then Moved to Freeport New York at age 12, Where he began to come into his own Gifts & Talents. He became a  House/Club Music Dancer Rockin in some of New York City’s hottest Clubs. His Mother would later teach him how to sew Drawstring Pants which allowed him to find his true gift and talent.

Adaj Learned how to Construct patterns while in high school and made Drawstring Pants for him & his Friends. That love for Fashion grew and he learned how to construct everything from Drawstring pants to Collard shirts, jeans, jackets, and more.

Fast Forward he graduated high school and would obtain a job to help out his family. He continued his pursue to build a Clothing Brand and entered these Fashion Designer Competitions whom he met at the Black Expo in New York City, There he could network with fashion associates alike. Adaj then took 1st place and won a trip to Paris. He later began to dress Hip-Hop artist like Jive Records recording artist Mystikal and Treach of Naughty by Nature.

Adaj Later Designed a line of Menswear Slim Fit Jackets, Trenches and vest which are worn by by Hollywood actor Brian White. He also ventured into the Ladies wear industry and has carved himself a nice niche in the Ladies Motorcycle arena with his cleverly named Biker Bodyskins that have been turning heads everywhere. He has Developed a following over 7 years with Lady Bikers that is growing daily. He’s looking to build his menswear Brand as well as his Ladies wear brand bringing a new Vibe to the industry we call Fashion.

About Us

ADAJ PERRY NYC was founded in 2005 in Brooklyn New York, our temporary headquarters since 2020 is in Clover South Carolina due to the pandemic. We are a home based company seeking to grow and obtain office space in New York City. Our Mission is to build a Soulful Lifestyle Brand which will compliment the physical and mental make up of our Clientele. Fashion has its own Language and we express and release it in the form of Designer Clothing. Our target Market is young adults 25-37 whom are artist, influencers, entrepreneurs, Celebs, and grinders out there making it happen. Plans are to generate more funding through investors & Crowdfunding to fully take the brand to a global success, along with obtaining Licensing deals with the NFL & NBA LEAGUES as well as Motorcycling Company’s.

We are also open to Developing & Designing for other brands if those services are requested. So just bear in mind that ADAJ PERRY NYC will be the Next Big Thing so keep a watch, Thank you Sincerely. . . .